Mountain biking at Nagle Nature Trail

After a 2 week break from cycling, I was keen to ride again this weekend. Just then on Saturday, I was excited to read a post on FB by fellow cyclists, Kaushik Panchal and Darren Pinto and see their photographs of a new off-road cycling route.

This seemed like a perfect thing to do for the Sunday!

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The trail is in the forests to the north of the Vasai creek on the right of the Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway NH8. If you are riding from Mumbai, it is easy to miss it. There is no break in the divider to cross over.

Start of Nagle Nature Trail

There is a small mud road that takes off into the forest just after the bridge on the right. This is looking back towards Mumbai. You can see the bridge over Vasai creek just ahead

One is supposed to buy a pass to enter the trail – costing Rs. 33/- per head. However, when I reached there around 6:30 am, there was nobody. So I just headed into the trail. As soon as the trail starts, there is a steep climb up the first hill, and then the trail heads down towards the water front.

The trail is well maintained, with a reasonably good surface – not too rocky, but there is loose mud and stones on the steep slopes. All along the trail, there are sign boards that identify the trees and birds in the forest. Someone has taken a keen interest in this for sure.

The downhill ride was great – for the road was wide enough to allow turns at high speed. At the bottom of the hill there is a small clearing where there are a few houses that look like they are built for the forest officials. A small diversion from the trail leads to the waterfront.

Dawn at the water front

Dawn at the water front. The calm water of the creek and the hills behind makes this a great place – could just sit here all day and read a book.

I met two other visitors here, who had come to photograph birds with heavy duty photographic equipment. They were regular visitors and said that the forest official was also an avid wild life photographer and took personal interest in maintaining the trail. That explained the well maintained state of the trail!

Trail along the water

After this point, the trail follows the water front for a while before turning back into the forest over small undulating slopes – a great place for mountain biking!

Water streams at Nagle Nature Trail

At a few points along the trail, it passes through streams that carry water from the hills down into the creek below. They are mostly dry in summer, but come monsoon they should be brimming with water

Straw hut at the end of Nagle Nature Trail

The trail ends in a fairly large clearing in the forest. On one end of the clearing, there is a small house built of straw and mud – a typical village home. The door was locked when I reached there. But I fell in love with the place – could imagine shifting out from the crowded city into a home like this

Swing on a mango tree - Nagle Nature Trail

Next to the hut, there was a cute swing made from a log of wood tied to the branches of a mango tree

Hay stack in clearing - Nagle Nature Trail

Though the clearing was quite big, fortunately there were no fields. But there was one small haystack that indicated the presence of some domesticated animals.

Gods bring color to the straw hut - Nagle Nature Trail

Next to the door of the straw hut in the forest, the omnipresent Gods brought some color to the otherwise earthy tones of the straw hut

Raw mangoes harvest - Nagle Nature Trail

There was a huge mango tree on one side of the clearing in the forest. There was a bunch of monkeys feasting on the mangoes and I managed to harvest a few mangoes for myself

Mangroves in the stream - Nagle Nature Trail

Along one of the streams in the forest that lies almost at sea level, there grew mangroves with their distinctive roots

Fresh pink leaves - Nagle Nature Trail

A small fledgling tree that is growing fresh new pink leaves that shine in the sunlight

Wild Flower - Nagle Nature Trail

A wild flower grew on the forest floor next to a large tree. Its distinct colors could be seen from a distance, contrasting against the dull earthy colors of the forest floor

Bamboo forest - Nagle Nature Trail

At one point, there is a thicket of bamboo that has grown wild in the forest. Its bright green colors seem flourescent in the sunlight

Trophy of a mountain biker - Nagle Nature Trail

An off road mountain biking trip cannot be considered complete without a bit of blood. Thanks to the loose mud and stones on a steep climb, I managed to get this trophy

That trophy was while climbing the hill on the way back. But the following downhill slope back to the start of the trail was one exciting ride!

All in all, a new trail that is a must for any mountain biking fan. And best of all, it is quite close to Mumbai. The trail itself is quite short – probably around 3 – 5 kilometers. I started from Andheri East at 5:30 pm and took about an hour to reach the trail. I spent about 2 hours on the trail, and headed back at 8:30 am to reach back home by 9:30 am. What a great way to start a Sunday…!

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  • Kaushik Panchal

    Awesomely described, looks like you didn’t go ahead from the plain land, there is a trail behind that house, hope you’ve seen it, it leads to more climbs and descents ahead, and the trail leads to a place called “Nagle Bunder” I guess so. already excited for next weekend to go here, will come up with better picture than yours 😉

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  • chetan

    hi want to explore this destination on fridy is it safe to go alone any other landmark to identify the starting point i will be traveling from thane

  • Grant Rogers

    If anyone would like a riding buddy, I would like to try this trail one SaturdaySunday

  • chetan sawant

    hi been to nagla forest but was disapointed they dont allow cycles in how did u manage do u knw any other offroad trial

    • JR

      They will allow it if you bribe the guy at the gate. We found that out today.

      • Not sure if this is a good thing or bad… but good to know 🙂

  • Abhishek

    Hi .. I have just shifted to mumbai and was searching for trails. Incidently, i came across your article.. Do you still ride? Would love ride and explore new trails with you if you are interested in mountain biking..

    • Hi Abhishek, welcome to Mumbai. I do cycle almost every weekend when I’m in town. I do travel regularly, so my schedule is a bit unpredictable. There are some nice off road trails around Mumbai that you should check out. Other than Nagle, there is the Yeoor hills and Tungareshwar hills routes that are really exciting and quite close by.

  • Sujit Kadam

    Hi Ashutosh,
    Which bicycle is this?

  • Satvik Penkar

    Hi , According to my observation there is an inner tar road going throghu all core parts of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I spotted this road from Yeoor villege in Thane. I think that for riding on this road a group is required and even the group should have taken an official permission from forest department for riding on it. I hope that you must be knowing much more about it and if yes then why not to plan a group ride throgh this dense forest on this tar road?

  • Amrut

    Thanks for this blog! I actually started visiting the places on my bicycle, yesterday I did cycling till Ghodbunder fort from Malad.This blog acts like a guide to me. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Amrut. Am really happy to know that you share the same passion. Do share your experience and pictures!

  • Rupesh Mainkar /ARM/Srei

    Hi..I tried visiting this trail twice but i couldnt find it. I crossed Fountain restaurant and crossing the Vasai creek bridge. After cycling about a mile towards Vasai after crossing Vasai creek bridge i crossed the highway and came on the other side of the highway and started riding back to Mumbai toward the vasai creek bridge but i couldnt find the trail on the left side of the highway anywhere. Can you please guide me. Or can you give me some landmarks. Also please let me know any more forest trails and mountain terrains near Mumbai.