Badlapur Step Well – a rare historical site

I came to know of a rare historical site not too far away from Mumbai – in a town called Badlapur. I got this information from a fellow wanderer and avid history buff – Amar Reddy.

Having seen his photographs of the well, I was keen to cycle to Badlapur and locate the well. I got the approximate location and directions from Amar, and went on an exploratory cycling ride to Badlapur.

Center map
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Badlapur is located to the north east of Mumbai city, and the best way to reach there is either the local train to Badlapur railway station, or by road to Bandlapur via the Shilphata – Kalyan road and take the diversion on pipeline road towards Ambernath. Badlapur is just ahead of Ambernath.

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The cycling route from Andheri to Badlapur and return is in the map below:

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