Cycling to Vandri Lake

Vandri Lake is the second of the three lakes that are along the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway NH8. It is located near Saphale. The first one is Pelhar lake near Virar, and the third one is Kurze reservoir near Dapchari. I cycled to Vandri first in 2014 when I started my exploration of lakes in and around Mumbai, and found an idyllic lake that was rarely visited by tourists and other visitors. I repeated the route another time in 2016 to practice open water swimming in preparation for the Goa Triathlon.

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Cycling along NH8 provides several locations that one can visit, at various distances from Mumbai in the following order:

  1. Kamandurg Fort
  2. Pelhar Lake
  3. Takmak Fort
  4. Tandulwadi Fort
  5. Vandri Lake
  6. Asherigad Fort
  7. Kurze Reservoir

I have visited all these at various times either by cycling, for trekking or both.

The first time I discovered Vandri Lake was when I visited Takmak Fort. The lake looked so inviting when seen from above, that I just had to make another trip to visit it

I visited the lake again in March 2016, when I was preparing for the Goa Triathlon to practice open water swimming – accompanied by Sameer Naik, my fellow adventurer.

Here is the route map. Pretty straightforward. Only thing you have to note is where to turn off the highway.

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