Sales performance tracking in solution-driven enterprises

Sales cycles of solution-driven enterprises tend to be longer and more complex than sales cycles of product-driven enterprises, because they involve more detailed needs analysis and solution design. In such cases, assigning and tracking sales performance, in terms of targets and incentives also becomes more complex. This article discusses this issue and suggests a strategy for assigning and tracking sales targets and incentives for solution-driven enterprises. Read more →

The sales bottle-neck in solution-driven enterprises

Solution-driven enterprises quickly recognize an opportunity in the form of a problem or pain-point in the market, and are able to design and deliver a solution. Every small company typically starts as a solution-driven enterprise. But as they grow, companies face a bottleneck in their ability to analyze needs and design solutions for a growing number of customers. Most companies then transform into product-driven enterprises, and lose their agility. This article enquires into this phenomenon, and discusses strategies that that solution-driven enterprises can use to grow without losing their agility. Read more →