McKinsey: Big data one of top five catalysts for US economy growth

McKinsey Global Institute published a report that identifies the top 5 catalysts of growth for the US economy: The US economy is struggling to find a new formula for vigorous growth. But all growth opportunities are not created equal. New … Read more →

Big data bringing Asimov’s Psychohistory from fiction to reality

Isaac Asimov, my favorite science fiction writer and thinker introduced a concept called Psychohistory in his famous “Foundation” novel series. Psychohistory is the science of predicting the behavior of large groups of people using a statistical model of the psychology … Read more →

What can Information Technology do for a Small/Medium Sized Business Enterprise?

Small businesses owners are hard-pressed for managing with scarce resources. How can technology ease their stress levels? Information Technology (IT) is often touted as the magic potion that has solutions for almost any business ailment. But IT is a confusing world of jargon, with incomprehensible abbreviations like ERP, CRM, SFA, SCM, EAI, BPM … and so on. How does a small business owner make sense of all this jargon, and what is a practical approach to adopting IT? This is the first article that begins the series to analyze and answer this question. Read more →